Accounts Management
Account management is the process of managing the communications and transactions with businesses having many contacts and divisions. This makes it possible to cater to the needs of specific divisions inside a business. By categorizing contacts to accounts by their sub-divisions and functions, communication is directed to the proper personnel in charge. This saves time that may be lost in approaching the wrong contacts and wasting effort in improper directions.The success of a B2B sales operation relies heavily on account management.
The Web Article Infotech account module presents a simple and straight forward interface to manage accounts. Apart from basic information fields, the history section at the bottom helps in monitoring potentials, contacts, notes, activities and products categorized by account.
This aids in visualizing prospects and opportunities for deals that may otherwise be hard to identify. With the parent-child assignment to denote accounts and their subsidiaries, it is easy to focus on businesses specifically and assess their position with regards to closing deals. So, it would suffice to say that with Web Article Infotech you are certain to raise your revenue.
Our Benefits:
  • Track all accounts and related contacts, opportunities and other details from a common repository
  • Associate accounts and related subsidiaries or sub divisions by setting parent-child identifiers
  • Generate printer savvy sales quotes, invoices and sales orders for the accounts
  • Store notes pertaining to accounts and keep track of contacts, opportunities and other details more elaborately
  • Export accounts to spreadsheet software to analyze the buying patterns of a customers and set up loyalty programs
  • Track purchase history of the customers and analyze opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling in future
  • Free Edition is availale for 10 users with 100,000 records storage