Website Maintenance
Keep your website fresh and updated with regular maintenance
A website that is rarely updated is much more than an eyesore - it reflects on the professionalism of your organization. The primary reason for several websites lying unattended is the due to the lack of web professionals inside the organization. This is where Web Article Infotech can help.
A website maintenance agreement with us will result in you having a immaculate website that serves its purpose remarkably well. Apart from updating your content on a regular basis, we can also cleanup the design, check coding errors and work towards improving the visibility and visitor count of the website through our specialized search engine optimization services.
Our website maintenance package includes the following:
  • Website content updation
  • Adding new sections, content, images, animations etc
  • Debugging of errors in pages, links, forms etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization, link building activities and delivering ranking reports
  • Email newsletter creation and maintenance
  • Shopping cart product updates
  • Image, icon, graphic design works
  • FTP management
Why should you opt for our website maintenance service?
  • We can have a dedicated person (or team, for larger clients) to take care of all your updates, saving you from hiring professionals in-house
  • We employ only well-trained professionals, so that the turnaround time is much faster
  • We provide entire spectrum of website maintenance services – from graphic design, to HTML coding, database programming and search engine optimization. This will save you from co-ordinating with multiple vendors each month